Zack Snyder's Justice League gets new images and official chapter titles

Just like the theatrical release we got back in 2017, Zack Snyder’s Justice League follows the Justice League, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, and the Flash, as they attempt to save the world from the catastrophic threat of Darkseid, Steppenwolf, and their army of Parademons.

Who is Martian Manhunter in Zack Snyder's Justice League?

This is basically the version of the movie we should’ve gotten back in 2017, removing all of Joss Whedon’s bright and colorful reshoots alongside cringe-worthy dialogue and questionable moments. Finally Zack Synder is able to tell the story that he wanted to tell and complete all the unfinished shots as well as adding some new footage.

Justice League: New Snyder Cut Steppenwolf Draws Internet Fire | Den of Geek

In the Synder Cut, Batman doesn’t really add much other then having more of a dynamic with Alfred who shows off more of his butler duties and finally having a scene with a better version The Joker, despite the fact they’re not in the same scene due to COVID, it was still a fan service moment, however awkward it might be; Superman finally gets his class black suit alongside a heartwarming reunion with Lois Lane and Martha Kent as well as being satisfying to seeing the original footage of him before the reshoots with the creepy CGI mouth; Wonder Woman is just as awesome as ever whether its for her action sequences or telling the full story of Darkseid, although her new theme song can get a little excessive after a while; Aquaman is thankfully given a lot more to do in this version, even if his actual first encounter with Vulko would later be retcon for the “Aquaman” movie and Mera having an English Accent for some reason is distracting as well as those singing women; The Flash is more of a well-rounded character in this version by giving him better comedic-timing, a heart-stopping slow-motion rescue scene with his love interest Iris West, an emotional scene with his father Henry Allen and the scene where his saved the world through time travel; Cyborg is easily the biggest breakout character in this version as we finally get to see his entire comic book origin story from his Football Days, his accident which took the life of his mother, the full birth of Cyborg scene and a better dynamic with his father Silas Stone who doesn’t survive. But the biggest fan service moment was when Martian Manhunter made his cinematic debut posing as Martha Kent (which is odd) and chatting with Bruce Wayne as well as confirming he was “Man of Steel’s” Calvin Swanwick the whole time. Oh and The Atom Ryan Choi is there too.

Zack Snyder's Justice League' Full Trailer: Watch Here - Variety

Now for the villains, Steppenwolf is given his whole backstory and characterization in this version of the movie alongside having a much more intimidating design compared to the generic one in 2017. However I was geeking-out when I finally got to see the cinematic debut of the tyrannical New God from Apokolips Darkseid and to a lesser extend DeSaad his master enforcer who spends most of the movie scorning Steppenwolf, oh and Granny Goodness is their too. I was given enough Darkseid teases to keep me satisfied, whether its his first arrival on Earth as Uxas (beaten by Ares), giving a us glimpse of a dark future where he kills Wonder Woman and Aquaman alongside corrupting Superman and using his Omega Beams (also Green Lantern Killowag has a cameo); and setting up a sequel that will likely never happen, but on the plus side he’ll appear in the upcoming “New Gods” movie.

Zack Snyder's Justice League: Joker Epilogue Explained | Den of Geek

Overall it may be a four-hour epic that isn’t always flawless and can still have some awkward moments, but it was much better than what we got previously and that’s all I ever ask ask!

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