67 – Doki Doki Do It! – Super Mario Brothers: Great Mission to ...

Believe it or not there was a “Super Mario Bros.” Movie before the crappy live-action that we ended up getting in the 90’s; it is notable for being the first movie based on a video game, predating the live-action Super Mario Bros. movie by seven years; and its probably the most faithful adaptation of the video game you’ll ever get! Mario and his brother Luigi are livening in there home Mario suddenly sees a princess getting chased by a dragon named lord Bowser it is revealed That the princess name peach suddenly Bowser grabs peach and heads back to the mushroom Kingdom so he can marry her Mario Chases in after her unaware Bowser is planning on killing Mario and Luigi but Mario defeated Bowser and they live happily ever after the end. Considering I grew up on Play Station, I haven’t exactly played enough Nintendo Video Games in general except playing from occasional demos or otherwise from various places. Even still I was well aware that the “Super Mario Bros.” had a very basic plot of Mario saving Princess Peach from Bowser. And of coarse since this is an anime, this film goes into a lot of strange directions that don’t make any sense such as Mario and Luigi running a Grocery Store instead of a Plumbing Business or having Mario and Bowser dressed in drag. Alongside Mario falling in love with Princess Peach only get an unfortunate plot twist that she’s engaged to Prince Haru an original character made for the movie. Overall the movie may be weird and disjointed at times, but it comes very close than most video game adaptations which is more than I can say for what comes after!

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