ZZ52201CB1After watching the Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy, I was ready to see something more out of this world from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost! For past 60 years, a wisecracking alien named Paul has resided at a top-secret military base in America’s UFO heartland. When Paul decides he has had enough of Earth, he escapes from the compound and hops on the first handy vehicle — a rented RV manned by two British sci-fi nerds named Graeme and Clive. With federal agents and the father of an accidental kidnap victim on their tail, the two hatch a crazy plan to help Paul return to his spaceship. Starring Pegg, Frost and the voice and motion-capture of Seth Rogen. The film is a parody of other science-fiction films, especially those of Steven Spielberg, as well as to general science fiction fandom. Overall it might not be the best film from the comedic duo of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, but the science fiction film gives me plenty of road trip hijinks and sci-fi references to keep me invested throughout this venture especially with an incredible CGI titular character!

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