Superman: Red Son Offers a Complex, Communist Man of Steel | DC

A What If? scenario where Superman landed in Russia, sign me up! Even though I never actually read “Superman: Red Son”, I knew it was another popular Superman story if a controversial and I was just glad in general to get another animated venture centered on the Man of Steel! Instead of Kansas, the ship carrying baby Superman lands in the Ukraine. Superman is introduced to the world during the 1950s Cold War as a Soviet asset, causing panic in the United States. There’s something about seeing Superman in a more villainous light or a more heroic Lex Luthor who is also married to Lois Lane that seems off to me almost as much as a Wonder Woman with Russian Colors or a Russian Terrorist Batman, but hey that’s Elseworlds in a nutshell. I’m not even gonna acknowledge its political subtext. Overall the movie wasn’t always an easy watch considering its point of view from Russia, but I still found it to be the most fascinating depiction of The Man of Steel to date!

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