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You would think setting a “National Lampoon’s Vacation” sequel would show off a lot of R-rated laughs, but shockingly this movie is PG-13 and not only that it officially begins the tradition of casting different actors as the Griswold children! After winning a European vacation on a game show, Clark Griswold convinces his reluctant family to accompany him. His wife, Ellen, is excited, but daughter Audrey is reluctant to leave her boyfriend behind, while teen son Rusty dreams of meeting girls. After arriving in London, the clan encounters one disaster after another as they travel through France, Germany and Italy, while Clark’s attempts to cheer everyone up make things worse. Starring Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo. Dana Hill and Jason Lively replace Dana Barron and Anthony Michael Hall as Griswald children Audrey and Rusty. Rusty and Audrey appear to be in their mid-teens in European Vacation; their okay, but not the most interesting or dynamic iterations of the characters. While it is fun to explore Europe, the whole experience completely lacks the fun and humor that the first installment gave us, although it did offer me a few chuckles but not enough of it. Even though the movie is PG-13, they still get a away with a brief nude scene involving Rusty with a European Girl. Clark still remains one of my favorite characters in this flick even if most of the comedic gags that they give him don’t really stick out to me as much. The film is the only installment in the series in which the family’s name is spelled “Griswald”, instead of “Griswold”. Overall this is a family road trip that I’d rather forget and not even the comedic antics of Eric Idle can make up for that!

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