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“The’re Creepy and Cooky, Mysterious And Spookey, Their Direct-to-Video Movie is a Misfire y, The Addams Family!” Black comedy which sees the oddball Addams clan receive an invitation to a family reunion. However, when they arrive, it soon becomes clear that a spelling mistake has united them with the wrong clan – the ultra-conservative Adams family. Mayhem ensues as the Addamses shock their counterparts with their outrageous antics, and the two families embark on a collision course. The film stars  Tim Curry, Daryl Hannah, Nicole Fugere and Jerry Messing. Actors Carel Struycken and Christopher Hart’s hand are the only ones to reprise their roles from the last two films. Honestly the only reason I saw this movie was because my childhood crush Sierra from 3rd Grade forced it on me for show and tell; also it was actually my first introduction to the titular family. Payne had intended to give the film a dark, edgy tone, but Saban had interfered with the development, insisting that the story be aimed solely at entertaining children, and lack much of the black comedy and anarchic satire of the previous find. The film sucks for its screenplay, special effects (especially for Thing), production design, and much of its acting. Tim Curry steals the show as Gomez and he’s the only best part of the whole movie, Daryl Hannah is boring as Morticia, Nicole Fugere is bland as Wednesday and Jerry Messing is dull as Pugsley, even with a romantic subplot they gave him. Overall this TV Movie is a huge mess that should be dead and buried! 

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