Lilies of the Field (1963)

This is a Sidney Poitier film that my mother recommended checking out, which in this case is a black man helping and teaching a group of German nuns! When traveling African-American handyman Homer Smith stops by a farm in rural Arizona, he is welcomed by a group of Roman Catholic nuns who have emigrated from Germany. Realizing that the farm needs a lot of work, Homer takes on a number of repair projects for the women, who are led by the headstrong Mother Maria . Impressed by Homer’s kindness and strong work ethic, the nuns come to believe that he has been sent by God to help build them a chapel. The film is filled with plenty of humorous moments, but it also has a heartwarming message as well. The title comes from Matthew 6:27-33, a portion of the Sermon on the Mount, and its parallel scripture from Luke 12:27-30. I think one of my favorite scenes is where Homer teaches the Nuns English in his own unique way and ordering a big breakfast from Juan who mentions “No Beans?”. Interestingly enough I recently developed a taste for Mexican Breakfasts, which is acquired taste in the mornings, but is actually quite good. Overall this is a charming christian movie, which is only elevated with the song “Amen”!

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