Tsugutoshi Komada, Hideto Odachi, and Shinji Takagi in Gojira tai Megaro (1973)

Not only is this one of the silliest Godzilla movies ever made, it is also features the only film appearances of Megalon and Jet Jaguar! The undersea nation of Seatopia sends the gigantic Megalon to destroy the world above – and it’s up to Godzilla and a size-shifting robot, Jet Jaguar, to defeat him. The camp value of the movie is what makes it so enjoyable, that I would put the movie into the so bad its good category. Everything from Godzilla’s dance moves to the infamous “Dropkick” scene just cracks me up. It was also Gigan’s last appearance for many years until an upgraded version in “Godzilla: Final Wars”. It may not be perfect but hey it could have been worse!


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