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It goes without saying “The Trumpet of the Swan” is E.B. White’s least popular book compared to “Charlotte’s Web” and “Stuart Little”; so I guess its not too surprising that the only adaptation ever made stank like rotten eggs! In this animated feature, a swan named Louie (Dee Baker) breaks out of his egg to an enthusiastic reception from his proud parents. Soon, however, it is revealed that poor Louie cannot make a sound, alienating him from his siblings — trumpeter swans who have lovely calls. Louie grows up mute and falls in love with Serena (Reese Witherspoon), but struggles to find a way to communicate his feelings for her. It is not until Louie masters the trumpet that his love finds free expression. I enjoyed the book for what it was, but the movie on the other hand misses the mark, whether its the choppy animation, miss-cast voices or even its short running time. And its unlikely that this film will ever get another chance to be adapted, oh well!


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