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Switching to computer-animation for this “Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas” was a bold move, but does the gamble even pay off!? A computer-animated omnibus featuring five shorts starring classic Disney characters. The shorts include “Belles of Ice,” in which Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse’s friendship comes under strain during an ice skating competition which I thought was a good insight to their dynamic; “Christmas Impossible,” where Huey, Dewey and Louie travel to the North Pole to try to remove themselves from Santa’s naughty list; which I personally find to be a fun adventure and “Mickey’s Dog-Gone Christmas,” in which Pluto runs away from home after ruining Mickey Mouse’s Christmas decorations which I find to be heartwarming at best for any dog-lovers out there. Christmas Maximus in which Max has a new girlfriend Mona and Donald’s Gift in which he wants peace and quiet are somewhat the weaker segments. Overall the sequel isn’t as fresh as the original and the animation is pretty dated, but I find it tolerable at best!

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