8e1823482bee562b96c028620144ff11Scooby, Dooby, Doo! Now we meet the Mystery Gang for the first time in live-action in this movie; which begs the question on whether or not its worth your time! After an acrimonious break up, the Mystery Inc. gang are individually brought to an island resort to investigate strange goings on. Starring Freddie Prinze Jr. (yah, didn’t buy him as Fred), Sarah Michelle Gellar (too much Buffyisms as Daphne), Matthew Lillard (he is very spot on as Shaggy), Linda Cardellini (she’s perfect as Velma) and Rowan Atkinson (too campy). Also the CGI animated Scooby Doo is too cartoony. This movie has too many juvenile jokes that you can count to make it good family entertainment. Although making Scrappy Doo a villain is a good jab at his haters. A bland recommendation for fans of the classic animated series!


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