You know I’ve been aware of Anime for quite a long time, but for a while I mostly stuck to Western Animation! In my younger days, I dismissed it because the genre is too weird, which it is, but that’s just part of its appeal since I have only recently got more into the genre. Before it was mostly Pokémon, now since 2015 I took more notice and couldn’t be any happier. As most of you known, they are best known for using cliche’s such as an Overuse of Archetypes/Tsundere Girl, Transformations, Overuse of Exposition, Harem, The Power of Friendship Trumps Everything, The Logan’s Run Rule, Hair Principle #1, High School Genre/Setting, Oversexualization of Women, Young and Old and of course Anime Facial Expressions (LOL). I have watched over ten anime up to this point, which takes a lot of commitment. My top three would have to be “Dragon Ball”, “Naruto” and “One Piece”. But I’d consider “Bleach”, “Death Note” and “Fairy Tail” as some of my honorable mentions. Every year now, I read every volume of a manga, then binge watch the anime whether to catch up or finish depending on the show. You know “Dragon Ball” got a live-action adaptation and it sucked! But I’m intrigued to see what they’ll do with the live-action “One Piece” TV Series or the live-action “Naruto” Movie (whenever it will be greenlit that is). I should also mention that I’m reviewing these shows and movies during the Summer (most of which will contain Mild Spoilers). I can’t help but wonder where I’ll go from here?

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