Chasing zoey

Well here it is the conclusion the show “Zoey 101”, so desperately needed and for the most part it was worth it! Zoey’s boyfriend, James, gives her a necklace with the inscription I love you – James. Zoey, however, is still unsure about how she feels about James. This leads to Zoey’s eventual break up with James when she admits “something’s in the way” (I’m glad because James was always a placeholder for Chase since the beginning of the final season).The end of the school year is approaching, and that means prom is too! Wanting to drive Lisa to the prom, Michael gets a classic car from his father. Trouble comes when the car turns out to be a stick shift which Michael cannot drive. A mysterious Asian man, Mr. Takato (James Hong), claiming to be the lower school math teacher comes seemingly out of nowhere to help Michael learn (LOL!). The final scene of the episode closes with the main cast dancing together happily: Zoey and Chase (after reuniting at last!), Logan and Quinn (after confessing their love!), Lola and Vince, Michael and Lisa, and Mark and Stacey (whose lisp is fixed after a car accident!) A worthy recommendation for Nick Fans!


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