After that one year hiatus the show had, we finally got something brand new and like many other fans, nobody saw this coming; a Fairy Baby! Cosmo and Wanda are going to have a baby! And, in typical fairy fashion, it’s Cosmo having the baby, not Wanda! Okay weird gender role reversal aside, this “Fairly Oddparents” is passable in my opinion. When the show came back on, I knew its tone and humor is way zanier then usual that would continue one throughout the rest of the show. But that aside, I did get a few laughs out of it and Poof is a worthy enough addition to the show’s canon, even if it felt to much like a jump the shark moment (like Pebbles in “The Flintstones”). Oh yah also there’s a plot about the Pixies and Anti-Fairies wanting to harness his magic and something like that. A worthy recommendation for Nick Fans!


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