It is interesting to note that this movie was meant to be in theaters, but in retrospect it doesn’t look like it has cinematic appeal in my opinion! Timmy uses a powerful rule-free magic muffin for wishes, but then Timmy’s evil insane teacher Mr. Crocker gets it, traps Wanda and uses her power to rule the universe. With his newfound power, he transforms the world and makes himself the all-powerful magical leader. It’s up to Timmy and Cosmo to save the world and get the muffin back as Timmy decides to fight magic with magic. The very first “Fairly OddParents” movie of course always dazzles me. From its pop culture references (Star Wars, Spider-Man and Jurassic Park) to Timmy revealing he has Fairy GodParents (gasp!) . I seen this movie several times and never get tried of it. A worthy recommendation for Nick Fans!


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