Remember when actor Brendan Fraser used to be a thing in movies where he is known for interacting with animated characters, well this one of them! But him and his co-stars like Jenna Elfman and the always goofball Steve Martin are about as bland as they can get. So how well does the movie hold up, well not very well. I will give the movie props for it being a bit closer to the classic Looney Tunes roots from the sight gags, catchphrases and fourth wall jokes; but most of those aspects are either hit or miss. I did find some enjoyment out of its spy premise and Warner Bros. references. So in a way the movie promised us exactly what we want out of a Looney Tunes flick centered on Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. So if you just want an escapism to the realm of these classic characters then I recommend this film.

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