Now here’s a bit of 90’s nostalgia that I’m sure every Millennial remembers back in the day! It brings together everything a young kid loves: Looney Tunes and Basketball, which is probably as shameless as it gets. I personally never got into sports, but this was the first film about the subject matter I actually watched, mainly because it as Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes gang in it. The sound-alikes are decent compared to Mel Blanc, but somewhat lack the charm they had in their hay day. And Micheal Jordan doesn’t really have much range in the acting department or on-screen charisma. So is the movie perfect, well not really. Well I’ll give it this, it has an incredible soundtrack, great blend of live-action and animation; and known for introducing the newest Looney Tune, Lola Bunny (before she was comedic). If you like that kind of stuff, then I recommend it!

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