WTF!!! About two years ago, I finally a chance to watch the anime mega hit that is the Dragonball Franchise! I got to see why this show and manga is so widely popular; for is awesome fight sequences, humor and timeless characters! This live-action adaptation on the other hand is none of those things. The movie completely strips away what made the brand so great, with a bad script, terrible performances and uneven special effects. The only thing that makes this movie Dragonball is the title, character names and basic plot point on the orbs, but that’s it! I could even go on with how they botched the characters and their defining traits; but of course Justin Chatwin’s Goku was the worse by stripping down his beloved simple personality into an angsty teen!  THIS MOVIE SUCKS!!! Maybe Ghost in the Shell will do better right!?  Also hopefully they won’t screw up Naruto!


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