Every main character needs a best friend, comic relief or sidekick! For the longest time that I’ve watched Nickelodeon, they have given me some of the most memorable friendships, I’ll always enjoy. For this list I’m counting down my most favorite Nicktoon Buddies, whether a pair or three at least. And as you would expect, spoilers!

10. Ginger, Dodie and Macie-“As Told By Ginger”

As my only girl group on this list, it is always interesting to follow this circle of friends growth in the series. Ginger has a group of loyal friends Dodie and Macie, who are nearly always ready to back her up. Dodie is one of Ginger’s two best friends since second grade. They have a strong bond that, though sometimes strained due to changes and bouts of jealousy, survives (jr.) high school (which can be annoying). Macie is Ginger’s other best friend since second grade. Often the voice of reason, she looks out for her two friends and questions some of Ginger and Dodie’s ideas. At the same time, Ginger looks out for Macie since she can be weak-willed at times (but still my fav). Due to complications, that is why it is the lowest on my list!

9. Eliza and Darwin-“The Wild Thornberrys”

As the Doctor Dolittle for Nickelodeon’s animated scene, every animal whisperer needs a funny animal sidekick. Darwin tries to be the voice of reason to Eliza, however she rarely takes his advice. Cautious by nature, he is almost always hesitant to follow her plans; in response, she accuses him of cowardice, once calling him a “crybaby in a tank-top” for his hesitancy, even when he is cautious for good reason since Eliza at times tries to foolishly approach and socialize with potentially dangerous animals (lions for example). He was found by Eliza, and was the first animal she ever talked to. It is always fun to see the wacky adventures this duo gets into!

8. Aang and Sokka-“Avatar: The Last Airbender”

Another fun thing about Avatar: The Last Airbender is these two always getting along. When Aang and Sokka first encountered one another, the Water Tribe warrior immediately assumed the strange boy in the iceberg was a Fire Nation spy. Though this initial suspicion was quickly disproven, the young Avatar’s occasional carelessness often infuriated Sokka. And of course this is also the only buddies on my list to eventual become brothers-in-law, which is a plus!

7. Doug and Skeeter-“Nickelodeon’s Doug”

This is the one that started it all on Nickelodeon’s Doug, the first best friends. Skeeter is Doug’s best friend, who he met shortly after he first arrived to Bluffington. He helped to introduce him to other local kids. They usually get along in every episode, but in some they’ve managed to bump heads, although they always manage to resolve their differences and stay best friends to the end. Maybe not the most wacky duo on this list, but still noteworthy and memorable!

6. Timmy, Chester and AJ-“The Fairly OddParents”

Whenever we’re not focusing on Cosmo and Wanda, I always enjoyed the exploits of this trio on The Fairly OddParents. Chester like Timmy, he enjoys Crimson Chin comic books, the Crash Nebula TV series, and other boy stuff. Like Timmy, Chester is regarded as a loser by most of his classmates, likely because Chester is dirt poor. Like Timmy, Chester is not the brightest kid at school either, because he does not have faries. He is the smartest kid at Dimmsdale Elementary School and thus a valuable ally to Timmy, although his genius rarely rubs off on Timmy nor helps him, as Timmy still consistently gets F’s at school. Like Chester, he enjoys Crimson Chin and Crash Nebula, although he and Chester have a tendency to fight over which one is better. A.J. is very wealthy and lives in a much bigger house than Timmy does. Unfortunately as the show was running out of steam, this trio isn’t shown nearly as much, but still like the dynamic at least.

5. Danny and Tucker-“Danny Phantom”

In Danny Phantom, even a Ghost Boy Superhero needs a wacky sidekick.Tucker values Danny as his best friend, seemingly sharing everything with him. He is loyal enough to do various things for him (spying, hacking, etc.), but has expressed jealousy over his ghost powers. Despite it all, Tucker always has Danny’s back, whatever the case may be. These two butting heads is always sweet and I wonder what their relationship is like now that Tucker is mayor, but will never know.

4. Jimmy, Carl and Sheen-“The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius”

Probably the most entertaining thing no doubt in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius is the mischief of this trio. The llama-obsessed Carl may not be as smart as Jimmy, but he is very loyal to him. He’s willing to help Jimmy as much as possible, but hates testing Jimmy’s inventions. Normally, he plays the foils to Jimmy’s genius, and sometimes solve the episode’s crisis with some innocent or insane observation. However, other times he is the cause of the problem. He accompanies Jimmy in his wild adventures and usually ends up in trouble. Jimmy likes Carl because he is loyal and helps Jimmy with his experiments. Sheen the hyperactive friend who is obsessed with Ultra Lord. He is responsible for a great deal of the blunders Jimmy often has to fix. He also volunteers to test Jimmy’s experiments, but not nearly as often as Carl. Like Carl, he is not near as smart as Jimmy. It just doesn’t get better than this considering they also appeared in commercials, science theatre parody, etc!

3. Arnold and Gerald-“Hey Arnold”

In Hey Arnold!, it ain’t easy being two kids in a big city, but these buddies always make it more interesting. Arnold’s best friend is Gerald, whose relationship dates as far back as pre-school. The pair have a distinct handshake consisting of putting two thumbs-up fists together and wiggling the thumbs back and forth. Gerald is also the occasional voice of reason (just when Arnold needs it). Gerald has a good deal of knowledge of many legendary stories in the city, or “urban legends” as he calls them. The coolest pairing on this list and one of the ones I shall always remember (also looking forward to their further adventures).

2. Tommy and Chuckie-“Rugrats & All Grown Up”

In both series, the one best friend pair that will always stand the test for time has to be them in one of the most longest running franchises in Nick History. Chuckie is Tommy’s best friend, they met when Tommy was only one day old. Chuckie is the reason Tommy took his first steps and they’ve been friends ever since. The two friends however have had their small arguments but made up in the end as they become friends again. I almost had them as number one, if it wasn’t for another certain duo coming up!

Here are some honorable mentions:

Rudy and Snap-“Chalkzone”
Jenny, Brad and Tuck-“My Life As a Teenage Robot”

1. SpongeBob and Patrick-“SpongeBob SquarePants”

Well duh, SpongeBob SquarePants one of Nickelodeon’s most popular shows wouldn’t be the show it is today without this funny duo. As the protagonists of the show and next door neighbors, SpongeBob and Patrick are have arguably the closest relationship in the series. Though the two might not be the brightest bulbs in the socket, SpongeBob and Patrick make one heck of a team, though most of the time their wacky antics only serve to land them in deep water without even trying. Although like most of you know already their relationship has be tampered with (due to the show losing its mojo) and they become more annoying! But that hasn’t made me stop from loving the budding relationship between the faces of Nick!

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